Back to the roots…

Roasted Pork with romesco & Buckwheat

I know some of my friends will reprimand me greatly for making pork “during the holiest week in the Jewish calendar” but I know I will be forgiven


People here don’t eat much of buckwheat here – it has a very strong flavor, but its bustling with nutrients. Growing up in Ukraine, however, it often accompanied any sort of meat dish starting from meat patties, pork chops or even roasted duck. The romesco sauce is not exactly Eastern European but carrots are my next favorite like I already mentioned in a previous blog post, and often overlooked vegetable, and so is combination of them with pork and buckwheat which was the inspiration for the following:


Marinated Eggplants with Tomatoes
Apple, celery Root, and Carrot Salad
Spinach Pie
Roasted Pork Loin with romesco
for toasted Buckwheat


Apple Sharlotka


Some cooking notes for myself:

  • for the Eggplants & Tomatoesmixed eggplants with olive oil and grilled them, otherwise don’t change anything. The dish is at its best on the 1st day since tomatoes are uncooked, but it will keep in refrigerator for a few days with very little lost in flavor.There is no salt or pepper here – just herbs.
  • for the Apple, celery Root, and Carrot Salad-my least favorite dish here, even though it complemented the menu, it was bland. I will need to find an alternative. Celery root was blanched.
  • for the Spinach Pie – need to eventually consume a gift of 5lb chunk of some dry, low in salt greek goat feta, so substituted cottage cheese with equal amount of feta and added handful of dill and parsley.
  • Roasted Pork Loin with romesco – bought 4 1-1.5 lb pork loins and tied 2 together with kitchen string, recipe is flawless and it comes out perfect medium-rare. Romesco is forgiving  – but kept to the recipe.
  • for toasted Buckwheat – need high quality buckwheat, not the one they sell in individual bags for quick cooking
  • Apple Sharlotka – of course I had to use mutsu(crispin) apples that we just picked the other day from an orchard, but will follow the recipe next time and use granny smith. Best sharlotka recipe – proportion is perfect, as well as addition of spices. Tricky thing though – did double portion and it came out tall and beautiful but it was still wet inside although 3/4 of it was perfectly done. Kids devoured it though – never know with them. Verdict – stick to single portion or make 2 small cakes.



Belle Ambiance 2014 Pinot Grigio, California
– nectarine & meyer lemon, dry and light bodied, fruity, refreshing – my favorite combination for light and herby  eggplants.


Rueda 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, Marques De Riscal
-minerality balanced carrots and celery roots’ earthiness, acidity cut through sweetness of apples and raisins.

-minerality paired well with spinach and herbs in a pie, citrusy quality is classic combination for feta cheese.


Savigny-Lavieres Premier Cru 2010 Domaine Tollot-Beaut
Perfectly done medium-rare pork is a delicate meat which needs perfectly elegant wine. Raspberry and strawberry notes accent sweetness of carrots, light smokiness of spices and leathery undertones to compliment delicate roasted meat.
My husband was absolute fan.


Percecco 2009 Petit Verdot, Maremma IGT, Tere Di Talamo
me – out-an-out fan of romesco/petit-verdot combination – nuttiness of romesco accentuated by hint of barnyard, intense black fruit, and aroma of exotic spices.


Finale, to celebrate the peak of apple season – Russian Apple Sharlotka and black tea with rose petals(by suggestion of friends).

Playlist :

no, but seriously:


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