Parlez-Vous Montréal?

Travel, Food

2.5 days to eat French food?! Sign me up! 30 mins to spend in parc du Mont Royal and 2.5 hours @ Jean-Talon Market…  well…

Oh, and no poutine for me…. thank you very much ( I know sacrilege ..)

Montréal – european, walk-able, has amazing food and 5.5 hours from GWB – isnt it a recipe for long weekend( this is a blog for recipes and food after all )…

I chose to stay in Veux Port de Montréal- touristy all day, but empty early morning – did my best 5K by the river.

…got our tickets to Cirque du Soleil Luzia , all we had to do is walk out of the hotel and  their tent was right there on the river dock. Show – simply amazing, I would see it again…

Auberge du Vieux-Port Hotel


OK, so first thing first – breakfast

@ Taverne Gaspar

PARFAIT AU YOGOURT -vanilla yogurt, muslix, blackberry jam, fresh berries, and Montreal sesame bagel  perfectly toasted with touch of butter. Muslix is light and crunchy, perfect ratio of extra thin crispy corn flakes and granola, not too sweet, and no cinnamon. Its accompanied by Montreal bagel which is smaller, thinner, sweeter and denser, with a larger hole.


Strolling day 1
Galleries and sport pubs…

Then, there is the Place des Arts – huge cedar logs showcased all over the square…

and then there is this guy..


Classic 8-course french tasting menu for dinner  @ restaurant Bonaparte

@ restaurant Bonaparte

Best parts:

  • Homemade smoked salmon served with truffle oil – killer combination.
  • Warm goat cheese and roasted almonds in filo dough.
  • Pear and tarragon sorbet to clear a palate.
  • but of course, Duck breast flavoured with maple syrup and wild berries.
  • and homemade desserts.


  • Saint-Chinian, Mas Champart 2014( marsanne, roussanne, grenache, bourboulenc ) – was excellent with lobster bisque and warm goat cheese in filo dough.
  • Vinos de Madrid, Rozas de Puerto Real-La Bruja Averia, Commando G 2014( grenache ) with Duck breast.
  • Vin de France, C-Si Rapatel, Dom. de Rapatel 2010 ( syrah ) with filet mignon.

Strolling day 2

@Ghetto Shul

and here’s brunch @ Sparrow, I think they call it that instead of lunch….


So simple and awesome: HOUSE–SMOKED TROUT with spinach & green onion pancake, soft boiled egg, beet salad, whipped crème fraiche – felt like home food but so much better…. and BEIGNETS with peanut butter.


So after previous day’ 8-course menu(and that’s 8 each), we didn’t dare full blown dinner and went pub food downstairs at @ Taverne Gaspar.
@ Taverne Gaspar
  • buffalo rabbit legs with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce – meat was very tender and was covered in delicate sweet and smoky rub.
  • salad of marinated heirloom tomatoes.
  • grilled aged cheddar cheese sandwich with duck confit – best crusty whole wheat country bread.
And yes, I finished that mug of bloody mary…


Breakfast #2

@ Taverne Gaspar

  • Egg soufflé with bacon, ham , onions, arugula salad, cherry tomatoes and topped with hollandaise sauce – soufflé was like a giant airy pancake
  • Crepes with fresh berries and wildberry confiture and custard

Strolling day 3

Agenda: Parc du Mont Royal, Atwater Marche and Jean-Talone Marche and brunch, of course

Atwater Marche

Produce – little local Quebec strawberries, and fiddleheads that dont cost arm and a leg…

Meats & sausages..



There & then prepared foods, like this paella or pork stew…

Parc Du Mont Royal



Jean-Talon Marche

brunch @ William J.Walter Saucissier

I skipped Shwartz Deli, but I dont see how a sandwich can ever be better than @ William J.Walter. Sauerkraut is thin, velvety, not as pungent and overpowering as the one we have here, on a crusty toasted baguette and just enough smoked meat(pastrami)  to be able to take a bite. They will add any kind of mustard, pickles, hot sauce to it… Guys there were kind enough to explain everything about their products and I just had to order a second sandwich – it was so good…

Dessert for Petit Finale

@ Au Pain Dore

Their raisin roll is made with Poitou Charentes butter – its heavenly, I could probably eat 5 and then 5 more in one sitting. Apricot, and pear tartlets – all butter pastry is extra thin, has crunch to it on, I think due to brown sugar…

Au Revoir….


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