Wild Wild Wild

game BBQ

I have these two culinary friends that are bonkers about food, so me and them have persistent chat where we update each other on what/when/where the other had lunch, dinner or anything else concerning food, and god forbid we go about for more than a day without it. So, the idea and thanks for this post is dedicated to them and our mutual friend D’Artagnan ( as in artisanal meat producer ).

Their Game Sausage Sampler are absolutely crazy and now I am crazy for them. Also, worth mentioning that the goal for every post on this blog will be to create a balanced menu, but since this is my 1st post, I will do wine and food pairing to commemorate…

So here we go:



Arugula Dried cherry and wild rice salad with lemon dressing

Grilled Veggies: carrots, italian green peppers, marinated onions, and cherry tomatoes

Rabbit & ginger sausage

Wild boar sausage

Duck & Armagnac sausage

Lamb merguez sausage

Venison & cherry sausage


Viognier and Marsanne Blend

Paso Robles Cab

Chateauneuf du pape



Serve sausages with variety of condiments like olives, pickled onions and peppers, as well as, per my foodie friends – variety of mustards is a must.

Sausages are so unbelievably juicy and each variety needs its own wine to compliment:

Treana(Viognier and Marsanne Blend) goes well with delicate and mild rabbit sausage, and hint of ginger goes well with tropical notes of the wine.

Treana’s own sweetness also goes along with mellow sweetness of wild boar meat, and hint of sherry goes well with vanilla & honey flavors of the wine.

Slow Press’(Paso Robles Cab) brightness cuts the sweetness of the venison & cherry sausage as well accentuates black cherry flavor that wine carries.

Density and richness of Chateauneuf Du Pape stands up to rich duck & Armagnac sausage, especially duck liver that has been added to the meat.

North African hints in lamb sausage as well as intense flavor of the lamb needs a full-bodied wine like Chateauneuf Du Pape with sweet spice-driven bouquet.



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