Cold spring day & roasted fish

Morrocan style dinner

Ottolenghi cooking or Moroccan-Iraeli style food – is there anything more comforting?!

The sea bass is a perfect fish with its firm flesh, and large enough to be a cool centerpiece for having friends over, or a weekend family dinner. Ottolenghi reserves it for a centerpiece in a  holiday feast – I don’t see why not.


Wild Wild Wild

game BBQ

I have these two culinary friends that are bonkers about food, so me and them have persistent chat where we update each other on what/when/where the other had lunch, dinner or anything else concerning food, and god forbid we go about for more than a day without it. So, the idea and thanks for this post is dedicated to them and our mutual friend D’Artagnan ( as in artisanal meat producer ).

Their Game Sausage Sampler are absolutely crazy and now I am crazy for them. Also, worth mentioning that the goal for every post on this blog will be to create a balanced menu, but since this is my 1st post, I will do wine and food pairing to commemorate…